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ChokeberriesChokeberry is one of the most inconspicuous and valuable fruits we can find in Poland. These little dark balls hide a lot of nutritional values, which detoxify our body and reduce the risk of many diseases. How and what does chokeberry work on?


Chokeberry preserves

In its raw form chokeberry is difficult to take in – mainly due to its tart taste. However, as it turns out, the fruit works its magic in processed form. The juice that can be made from chokeberry does not have any bitterness and contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for our immune system.


What does chokeberry contain?

Chokeberry in a concentrated form of juice is a great carrier of vitamins and minerals. In particular, it is full of vitamin P, which is a bioflavonoid (responsible for the colour of the fruit). In addition, chokeberry contains quercetin, rutin, catechins, leukocyanates and anthocyanins. These are substances that help in the fight against fungi and bacteria, stimulate regenerative processes in the skin and help the body to scavenge free radicals.


What does it help with?

Chokeberry juice is great for people who are struggling with high cholesterol levels and for those who have problems with blood pressure. Chokeberry juice will also help in the recovery time after an accident, surgery, as well as in the treatment of eyesight (especially after surgeries on organs of vision).

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